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Evolving Hope

~ A Love ReVamped Novel ~

Book 1 of the Love ReVamped series.

A steamy suspenseful vampire romance with medical drama mixed in.

See All Books or the Series pages for full blurb and content warnings.

Released April 2024. Grab your copy today!

Available exclusively on Amazon (Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited)

Biting Fantasy Romance

Do you love dark fantasy romances?

Fantasy, magic, supernatural, paranormal, fated mates, vampires, Fae, dragons, and more?

How about Reverse Harem? Poly and non-traditional relationships? LGTBQIA+ representation?
Damaged characters, dark themes, and suspenseful situations?

Then you’re in the right place.

I aim to challenge society “norms” while also offering a safe place where readers can feel seen and appreciated. I want to show that there is still beauty and love in the dark and twisted areas of life. And why not throw in some magic to make it even more enjoyable?

I don’t shy away from sensitive topics because they are realistic and there can still be beauty in them. That being said, if you’re worried about being triggered please read my content warnings (they’re provided on the book descriptions on this site or within the first few pages of each book).

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Currently in progress…

Emerging Devotion

~ A Love ReVamped Novel ~

Book 2 of the Love ReVamped series, be on my mailing list for reveals, teasers, and more.

A steamy dark vampire romance.

Book 2 is being written currently. Please complete the Beta Google form to be considered for a Beta reader.

Release date to be determined.

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Title reveal, actual cover reveal coming soon

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