Hi, I’m Kalli.

I grew up in the Midwest of USA but travel as frequently as possible. Anywhere from the Caribbean, Mexico, United Kingdom, Europe, and hopefully soon Asia.

I have a MBA in Music Business and music is a HUGE part of my life. I go to as many shows, concerts, and festivals as I can and love making playlists! (follow my on Spotify for ones designed for my books)

It wasn’t until Covid hit that I got the crazy idea to try and write a novel. I’ve always loved writing. I used to be on school newspapers, write blogs, song lyrics, and more. And while I read a TON, I never really considered being an author until the lockdown hit.

I went a little crazy on kindle unlimited during the pandemic and read one too many books that weren’t professionally done. It sparked the idea that I could give it a try.

I didn’t realize just how much went into being an author (or at least a decent one). I took a ton of classes, workshops, writing summits, talked to other authors and really figured out my own process.

It was a rocky start but I published my first book, Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, in 2022.

I spent WAY too long making my own cover, formatting, and working with an editor on multiple rounds of revisions and re-writes.

While no author thinks their work is perfect, I’m still very proud of where this journey started.

And where I’m headed with it.

I’m an avid reader of multiple different genres, but my favorites are horror, suspense, and romance. I pull inspiration and influences from them all.

Some of my favorite authors include: Sarah J. Maas, Sarah Pinborough, Nikki St. Crowe, Neil Gaiman, Georgia Lyn Hunter, Jennifer Armentrout, Briana Michaels, Colby Millsaps, among many others.

When I’m not working on writing/publishing, you can find me reading, at various shows and concerts, enjoying a fancy cocktail, or drinking tea and watching tv with my partner and pets.

I love British and Australian media from movies, shows, music, and comedians and pull a lot of inspiration from them.

I love animals. Currently have 1 cat and 2 dogs.

But I’ve had many others and will continue to have more fur babies in the future.

My heart’s passion is to help others feel loved and accepted just how they are.

My books consist of fantasy, supernatural themes, and nontraditional relationship dynamics. I want to provide a safe environment for readers to escape into while also discovering and welcoming different aspects of themselves.

I want to broaden people’s perspectives, while many of my novels touch on darker themes, it’s to show the realistic emotions in life and that there is still beauty in the dark.

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