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Evolving Hope

Released April 2024

Book 1 of the Love ReVamped series.

A steamy suspenseful vampire romance with medical drama mixed in.

Teagan’s a vampire on the run. With new cities and aliases, she’s spent most of her life hiding from her past and the vampire relentlessly hunting her, wanting to maker her pay.

Wyatt’s devoted his life to running an ER and saving people, but he’s battling his own demons, the nightmares that remind him of his worst failure.

When Wyatt’s captured while saving Teagan, his human blinders are shattered by the supernatural reality surrounding him. Teagan struggles to trust another, a foreign concept to her. And they both realize there are even worse things to be afraid of.

Can they work together to overcome their pasts and find a future together? Will they allow their growing attraction to strengthen them, or will they fight it and let it destroy them both?

This is book 1 of the Love ReVamped series. It’s recommended that they be read in order. This is a fantasy romance between interracial fated mates, told in first person and dual points of view, with HEA included. Due to sexual content, language, and touching on some traumatic events, this book is recommended for readers 18+.

Content warnings include: Abuse, Anxiety, Assault, Blood, Blood Play, Burns, Captivity/Confinement, Car Accident, Child Abuse, Dead Bodies, Death of a Child/Sibling, Death of a Parent, Decapitation, Depression, Dismemberment, Dissociation, Drugging, Electrocution, Emotional Abuse, Estrangement, Eugenics, Explosions, Fire, Foster Care, Gore, Grief and Loss, Home Invasion, Homelessness, Hospitalization, Injuries, Intrusive Thoughts, Kidnapping, Knife Violence, Manipulation, Medical Experimentation, Mind Control, Murder/Attempted Murder, Needles, Neglect, Nightmares, Paralysis, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Poverty, Profanity, Restrictive Eating, Sexual Content, Stabbing, Stalking, Strangulation, Torture, Vomiting, and Vampires.

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Fates Shifted

Re-released December 2023

Originally published as a short story for an anthology, Life in a Gilded Frame and featured a young adult version of the story called Shifting Fates (which was released in Spring 2023)

This has been expanded on for a steamier reading experience and is now recommended for 18+. Retitled to Fates Shifted, updated cover and formatting, and was re-released exclusively to newsletter subscribers in December 2023.

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A short steamy shifter romance, opposites attract, and fated mates.

Ethan’s a fighter and protector, spending his days hunting monsters and saving human lives. He’s closing in on an evil pack of werewolves he’s been hunting when he stumbles into an intriguing surprise.

Mia’s a born werewolf but choosing to live her own life in isolation rather than joining a pack she doesn’t mesh with. She’s on the run from a particularly cruel pack trying to force her to join them when she runs into more trouble than she can deal with on her own.

Will they let their pasts define their futures or will they follow fate’s urging and see what it brings?

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Life in a Gilded Frame and other stories

Released April 2023

“I push my weight backwards in my chair, the wooden legs scrape against the tile, and I throw my napkin on the table. “There is no child’s face in that painting…” – excerpt from “Life In A Gilded Frame” by Erin Forget

This collection of short stories were developed in the Fall 2022 and the Spring 2023 Ottawa Writing Workshops. The collection was edited by David Allan Hamilton.

Features stories by: Kalli O’Connor, David Allan Hamilton, Marilyn Nicholas-Dahan, Giselle Pryer, Margaret Woodford, Melanie Goguen, Jerry Garces, Erin Forget, Janet Edwards, Jeff Bussey, and Mia Barrows.

This is a collection of short stories by various authors and genres, for my work specifically, look for the section: Shifting Fates. This is a young adult story that has sense been expanded on and re-released as Fates Shifted.

Available exclusively on Amazon (Paperback, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited)

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Released July 2022

A romance between a bookworm and famous tattoo artist.

Can passion and connection be enough to bring two opposites together? Or will their fears and wounds prevent them from fully embracing the happiness that they seek?

~ Lily ~
I agree to the blind date because I trust my friend. And Jase is more amazing than I could have imagined. He’s caring, sweet, and so hot. But am I really ready for this? My last relationship left me physically, mentally, and emotionally broken. As much as I try and convince myself that I’m ready to move on, I’m not sure I am. I still have triggers and wounds. Am I ready to date and open my heart again? Or am I just asking for more scars?

~ Jase ~
I’m done running from my problems. Done traveling to avoid commitments. I want to trust Lily. She sees into me. Sees past the parts I’ve hidden away for years. She sees the real me, under the tattoos, under the fame, under the persona I give to the media. See sees my depths. Not everyone will leave me. Right?

This is a stand-alone romance novella. Closer to instant love and HEA included.
Content warnings include: abandonment, physical and mental abuse, language, adult content, and touching on some traumatic events. Recommended for readers 18+.

Available exclusively on Amazon (Paperback, Hardcover, Kindle, and Kindle Unlimited)

Coming Soon…

Emerging Devotion

Aiming for Winter 2024

Title reveal, actual cover reveal coming soon

Book 2 of the Love ReVamped series.

Follow Tilly’s and Elena’s story in book 2, coming soon.

Book 2 is being written, will need to be sent to beta readers and editor, then revisions, proofreading, and formatting.

Earliest this could release is winter of 2024 but it may be early 2025.

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Book 2 will be darker than book 1, please check the trigger/content warning above for Evolving Hope.

Blurb and more details to come soon.

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