Stuff Your Kindle Day

Posted by: Kalli O'Connor Posted on: September 17, 2023 Comments: 0

Amazon has 4 stuff your kindle days a year and the next one is Sept 20th. My book will be discounted for a limited time. Also check out tons of other books by searching discount/free on Amazon Kindle books.

Updates Under Way

Posted by: Kalli O'Connor Posted on: February 22, 2023 Comments: 0

Exciting things have been happening this year. My website has been revamped for starters. I also have an email list for exciting updates, a Facebook Author Page for fun posts, a Facebook Fans page for alpha/beta readers/polls/and more, not to mention an Instagram and Tiktok for fun updates along the way. Whatever is more your style, be sure you are following to be as involved in new projects as you…