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Interested in being an Arc or Beta Reader?

Complete either the ARC and/or Beta Reader application google forms below to be considered. If accepted you will receive a free copy of my works in exchange for honest feedback and have multiple chances to be entered to win gift prizes.

ARC Team:
ARC = Advanced Reader Copy, if accepted you’d get a free copy of my latest work. It will be a finalized version right before releasing and you’ll have a 2-3 week reading window, I’ll then provided resources to help with reviewing and sharing to social media. I offer a giveaway for each ARC window and people can earn entries for each review and social share.

(I close the joining window in between releases, the joining window is shared to my newsletter when opened up, or please reach out to me if you are interested in joining and the window is closed.)

Beta Readers:
Beta readers are a selected/trusted small group of individuals, I need a lot fewer of these and prefer them to be passionate fans of mine with previous Beta Reader experience.
If selected you will receive a very rough draft version of a future works (prior to it being sent to the editor). This isn’t about grammar but a higher level look at the whole overall story. Are there plot holes, parts that dragged, characters you hated, your favorite parts, much higher level review before tweaks are made.
There’s also a giveaway for Beta Readers and you can earn up to two entries for the prize, one by completing the questionnaire sent with the file within the given 2-3 week reading window and one for providing a short review I could share to social media.

The joining window never closes for this and the form is below, but it’s more exclusive (don’t take it personally if you aren’t selected, it might just mean I’m already at my goal number of Beta Readers at that time.)

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